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Rated 5 out of 5 by Amit Tatapudi from Versatile “TV Replacement” Versatile “TV Replacement”

Date published: 2023-03-11

Rated 5 out of 5 by MMDD from Excellent portable projector with great sound and auto focus I have been using the Epson EF12 projector for nine months and this is an excellent projector. I love the auto focus feature and the built in speaker. It is really compact and I take it with me when I travel. I have also added a mount plate to it so I can attach it to a standard tripod. The image quality is excellent and it runs really cool thanks to the laser projection.

Date published: 2023-02-11

Rated 4 out of 5 by DawnW from Love the projector. Sucks that it doesn’t have Netflix Very good

Date published: 2023-01-09

Rated 4 out of 5 by odin_cole from EF-12 Review I bought this a little over a week ago, and I am quite impressed with this product. The picture is good, and the automatic focus, and keynote works amazingly well. I cannot do a better job adjusting the focus and keystone myself. The only thing that I would change is the picture quality in darker scene's is difficult to see. But overall I am. very satisfied with this projector, and I would reccomened. The ease of use blows all other projectors out of the water. It truly is plug and play. Thank you Epson for making a wonderful product, and I'm excited to have plenty of movie nights with my family.

Date published: 2023-01-04

Rated 3 out of 5 by Vanquish from It's alright. I purchased this to make my home theater experience as good as I could get on a budget. I like the projector, it is quiet, has adequate sound but lacks the theater feel so I tried to connect it to my home theater using arc but I get no sound at all with everything set as it is supposed to be. Sound is set to arc, hdmi cec enabled to allow arc through hdmi, my receiver sees the projector and detects it but no audio is heard. For the price point epson should have made sure the hardware worked. This projector has so much potential but is lacking on lackluster lcd panels, mediocre hardware that either doesn't work or is nor fully functional. It almost seems like it is a pre production unit that is still in the design phase. This is my 2nd unit as the first developed dead pixels on the red lcd panel 10 minutes after being turned on.

Date published: 2022-12-30

Rated 5 out of 5 by Jr01 from Excellent Epson Product I project at an angle at the wall, so looking for an projector that can do both horizontal and vertical correction, and possibly corner correction. This was the key, I was surprised to find the auto geometry and focus works perfectly for most cases for me and I don't have to manually adjust anything.I can fill entire wall with crystal clear picture with audio that is loud and clear. (Note there is no zoom ring - not a deal breaker for me, other Epson I have has it, and it is useful to have.)A plus point is the travel case, with portable you can't do without it.

Date published: 2022-12-10

Rated 5 out of 5 by Jslaone from Apartment minimalist entertainment solution Love this projector! I wanted a large screen TV but the cost is outrageous when considering everything involved like cost of the mounting hardware and paying someone more skilled to attach it to the wall plus the later costs of repairing the wall upon moving out as I temporarily live in an apartment. Other factors I considered were the amount of dust the TV would attract, how difficult it might be to keep it clean, and that it’s basically on display as the focus and center of attention in our living/dining room. None of which I particularly wanted to deal with. This EF12 checked off every box for me. It’s portable! It’s small and easy to store out of sight when not in use. I can easily take it to my friend’s house and project it on their garage or blowup screen for backyard movies. It hasn’t attracted any dust yet that I can see and I’ve been enjoying it for about 4 weeks now. It’s beam is bright even on a low light output setting and easy to view projected on a bare white wall. I have no plans to buy a dedicated screen for it. It’s projection is PLENTY BIG and looks great at the 115” size projected. Do they even make a consumer TV that size?? I can hop in the recliner and recline all the way back to horizontal, flip this up and watch on the ceiling for a fun and unique experience. It sounds amazing to us but we don’t require a sound system that rivals an authentic movie theater experience. The quality and performance is definitely 5 stars for us. PS, great drive-in vibes with a nearly 9 foot wide movie!

Date published: 2022-12-07

Rated 3 out of 5 by Jamtonica from Not bad for the price Setup is a pain each time but great sound and pretty good picture

Date published: 2022-11-23

Rated 4 out of 5 by Dp907 from I love it grate nice pictures I like the way it can make a White waScreen black and in some pictur is grate but the android apps like hulu and Disney freezes I haven't had it freez utube works tho so I have to use my XBOX S NETFLX DSOE NOT WORK i HAVE NOT BEEN ABLE TO GET 4K ITS ONLY 1080 Standard and 1440p makes the pictrs off Center but I can put the the setting 1080sdr with 120hrz the xbox looks good but my nintind switch is verry slow mabe I need a faster hdmi I only have 18gbps hdmi cord I'm not sure I wish I had a better screen I only have a gpx cheep cloth projecter screen but 120" looks realy good and I only have the light at 50% on the light that's as low it gos so I don't burn out the lazer lED light and still looks good its siad that I will never need to change the Light bulb that's cool for me

Date published: 2022-11-17

Rated 4 out of 5 by anachary from Excellent projector for "no tv" generation. I absolutely love the projector throwing light on the elite screen yardmaster 2. It is mean for watching cinema for sure, but given the Android tv it makes it an all around replacement for people who don't watch TV and have traveled into the app-verse. It doesn't run Netflix, but runs Criterion Channel, Mubi, prime video, HBO max and many other streaming apps. The set up is seamless and doesn't need much effort with reliable internet connection. The real challenge is however to align it with the screen as the alignment can work only by shifting the projector position. It is not a fight, but it takes time, effort, and ingenuity. The corner adjustments options in display settings helps a lot to make the perfect widescreen. The sound is perfect for small room, and doesn't need to be turned up much. All in all so far it has been dishing out visual joy.

Date published: 2022-10-15

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