WritePaperFor.me Review 2023: Services, Discounts, Prices, and Benefits (2023)

WritePaperFor.me Review: Service Overview


Reviews say that it is a writing service that specializes in school, college and University students. They provide original content and focus on paper help, essays, homework help, as well as term paper writing, and coursework help. With all these, it remains to be seen what this service can do out of scope of academia, and whether an average office or a businessperson can delegate a part of their work to this service.

While it is true that their starting price is $6.99 and that it is very affordable, the question of the quality of work you get may be posed. Although we love to see services with few expenses, a streamlined operations cycle and optimized expenditure, we still think that starting price per page is simply too low. However, it is not impossible to offset a part of these expenses by offshoring a part of the work abroad. So, is writepaperfor.me good? Let’s find out.

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Services Offered


There are several services that this platform offers. Among those are:

  1. Writing from scratch,
  2. Editing / proofreading,
  3. Problem-solving,
  4. Paraphrasing/Rewriting, and
  5. Multiple choice question formation.

With 5 distinct services that general WritePaperFor reviews name, it is easy to see how and why this writing platform is not as popular as it could be: their potential clients are simply too limited. The best coursework writing service for example, addresses different segments of writing market as well. After all, someone who did a lot of business writing will be able to write topics perceived as less difficult with fewer problems.

Besides these services, our review also covers free samples. We took one and had our senior editor run through this text.

Title: Information System

Length: 5 pages

Analysis: After two goes, we found a total of 45 grammar, punctuation and stylistic mistakes in a 5-page essay. A bit too high, if you ask us, but as our analysis is overly detailed, it may just be fine. Our Plagiarism-check returned no results - the text was 100% original.

Quality: Medium

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WritePaperFor.me offers Plagiarism check (no report is mentioned), Money-back guarantee and a Confidentiality guarantee. However, in reality, we believe that confidentiality guarantee and plagiarism-free guarantee are the only real guarantees it can issue. The problem is in their pricing. Without proper guarantees, is it legit?

Namely, WritePaperFor.me charges as little as $6.99 per page. That is $6.99 per 275 words, or $0.025 per word - which is less than half of what any writer would charge for that volume of information. The company may rely on urgent tasks to support itself, but this is hardly a sustainable business model. Good personal statement editing services offer more guarantees. In reality, many companies offer credit for future works, but even here, the company is losing money. It may be better to consult another platform if you want quality and less risk.

WritePaperFor.me Reviews: Customer Support


The first time we tried to contact WritePaperFor.me was Sunday. The platform has no work hours displayed on its website, so we were unsure if we could reach them or not. We tried Live Chat and were greeted by Dennis, a cheery guy in his late 20s. The website also offers a phone number and an email address, as well as ‘Call Me’, where you leave your phone number and the company contacts you as soon as possible.

In general, many ways to contact Writepaperfor.me, the ‘Call Me’ option and the availability of an email to write to if you’re busy to speak on phone were things that won our hearts. However, the lack of business hours and work days has come to be a point of suspicion, so we tried our best to find them out. No luck online, but with over 1,300 writers, some of them ought to be available 24/7.

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Our Experience: Paper and Communication Quality


To ensure our review was as detailed as possible, we wanted to place an actual order and see what we could make out of their writing. Communicating with the writer was a piece of cake. Jack took our order in:

Title: Renewable Investment Potential in Singapore

Content Type: Informative Essay

School Level: Freshman (1st year college)

Length: 8 pages

Deadline: 7 days

Citation style: MLA

Special Requests: 3 charts, 2x appendix and a contents page

Essays usually do not have a content page, but for our review of WritePaperFor we wanted a custom piece of writing - and we got one. The work was delivered on time, and prerequisites were followed through, but our senior editor (an English graduate) had something to say again: with 32 mistakes on 8 pages, and an average of 4 mistakes per page, the paper would not have gotten a passing grade with any of her former lecturers.

However, the paper itself was good - it was easy to read, formatting was done right and wording was appropriate for a freshman student, and overall, it was an easy read. However, as we do not allow the title ‘senior’ to be used just so, we have to follow our senior editor’s recommendations and demand a correction of the paper. The best dissertation services offer this for free, and it is usually done within a day or two. More on that later.

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Ordering Process: Step by Step


The ordering process was also something that we were interested in while studying reviews of WritePaperFor.me and writing our own. As most platforms of this kind have more-or-less the same ordering procedure, we were interested in how easy it was to actually place an order. This is the information that the platform needs for placing an order on WritePaperFor.me:

  1. Type of Paper,
  2. Subject,
  3. Topic,
  4. Paper Details (comment section),
  5. Materials (upload drag-and-drop bar), and
  6. Paper format.

This was really all that was needed. This is a very standard approach for placing an order. A single page takes you through all you need to submit, then you pay and wait for the paper to be delivered.

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Pricing and Freebies


WritePaperFor.me has a very transparent pricing model and is, truth be told, among suspiciously cheap services. Although we had no unpleasant surprises, we were actually surprised to see how cheap their prices were. High-urgency tasks for PhD students, for example, cost as little as $39.99, almost a third of what competition charges. With prices this low, we really recommend that you take every precaution and have a leeway with time in case some heavy editing is necessary.

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Prices per page

Writing from scratch

$6.99 - $39.29


$6.09 - $29.99

Problem solving

$11.99 - $39.99


$5.99 - $33.29

Multiple choice questions

$0.7 - $4

Writer’s Language Level


As there are well over 1,000 writers working for this company, we could not test every writer’s language level. Our writer was ok. For our WritePaperFor.me review we could not even determine whether this was a native or a non-native speaker. Our punctuation mistakes from earlier sometimes just happen. From our standpoint, the writer’s language level was sufficiently good.

On the other hand, as different topics demand different writers, language level may change. It is difficult to imagine a content writing agency which would charge as little and be able to employ as many people. The sad reality is that most of these are probably freelance writers, who may be coming from all over the world. As people who cherish diversity and multicultural backgrounds, we have to say that we find it difficult to communicate with some foreigners, even when using English.

Revisions and Editing


Driven by a low prices, we’ve decided to send a paper in for a revision. WritePaperFor.me reviews say their revision is really bad. In particular, we demanded that the units in tables be changed and that the subheading “Floating Solar Panel Farms” be substituted for “Horizontal-Axis Urban Wind Turbines''. We wrote an email to let our writer know, we used the Live Chat Function, and we used the ‘Call Me’ option on the website. Three weeks later (three times longer than the wait time for writing), we got no revision and no call.

The issue with writing services is that, in competing with one another, they tend to over hire non-native speakers, they tend to present unbearably short deadlines, and they tend to cut back on revisions. This is what most writepaperfor.me reviews complain about. The thing is, revisions take most time to make. You basically hire (and pay) the same writer to do additional work, but you get no payment. This is not sustainable, and this is not a service we will go back to.

Added-Value Services


Write Paper For me reviews say it has no added-value services. These services usually include first-time discounts, returning customer discounts, etc. We could see none of those. Truth be told, offering them would drive this company out of business. However, you do get some perks you can enjoy:

  • Free amendments,
  • Free bibliography,
  • Free outline,
  • Free title page, and
  • Free formatting.

Online Presence


We were not happy with receiving no revision for the article that was promptly paid. To be frank, we were ready to pay extra just to ensure we got this little perk. Other essay writing service reviews name similar issues. However, as we got none, we decided to check and see what the online community has to say about this service. The ratings are clearly available on their website:

  • SiteJabber: 4.9/5
  • Reviews.io 4.8/5
  • Scam Fighter 4.6/5

The reality is, these are actual reviews of WritePaperFor.me. Maybe we were simply mistaken, or our email got lost. But the call as well? And the chat? That is highly unlikely. We were not satisfied again, and wanted to find something. As usual, we headed to our good old friend, Reddit.

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Social Media

The platform has two social media accounts: one on Twitter and one on Facebook. There is also their page on Instagram, although they do not advertise it on their website. The page offers different discounts, ranging from 6-8%. However, with only 86 followers, it is hardly a high-quality page.

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